The Best Starting Hand of Poker List

Texas Hold 'Em Poker is a strategy game and formulating a winning strategy begins with knowing the best starting hand. The rankings of the below hands at may differ for each player, but most would be in agreement on these pairings.

Having two aces is never a bad place to start. This hand is also familiarly known as American Airlines or pocket rockets. Coming a close second is the King Kong, or a pair of Kings. This is also colloquially termed cowboys. Two queens is not far behind, and this hand is endearingly known as the ladies.

The big slick, or a suited pairing of an Ace And King, is also favored, along with the little slick or the big chick, which is a suited Ace and Queen tandem.

Two Jacks, or the fish hooks, also figure on the list. Not to be discounted is the suited King and Queen combination The ajax or the blackjack pair is made up of the suited Ace and Jack. Also making it to this group is the offsuit combo of Ace and King. Closing off the list is the tenth best starting hand which is also the only non-face pairing in the list, a couple of tens, or dimes.

This may not be the definitive list, but this is a good guide in understanding winning poker starting hands when playing at the best US poker rooms.