Game Details of Double Bonus Poker for Beginners

Double Bonus Video Poker is another popular bonus poker variety which is now gaining its prominence due to its easy game mechanics. This internet poker game has similar gameplay with Jacks or Better but with an extra bonus for its players. They get to have extra payout rewards for four of a kind combinations in their playing hands. Double Bonus Poker reduces the payout for two pairs from 2 is to 1 to even money reward just to compensate on this larger four of a kind payout.

Players can also make use of the offered small house edge for more chances of winning big. It is also advisable that beginners should fully understand the basic rules and mechanics of the game before they place any wager. Just like any other video poker variants, players can end up big winners with the right playing and wagering strategies in Double Bonus Poker.

Slot Machines versus Video Poker Machines

The most common misconception among video game players is that video poker is just another variant of this popular reel games. They may have similar in-game features like random characters and symbols on its game screen which reward players with various payout values, video pokers use playing cards instead of the classic fruit and bar selections.

Aside from this, most video poker machines today are using the similar winning probabilities and odds of card decks, as opposed to the random winning chances in slot machines. This feature assists players on choosing the best online poker game for them to wager on. They get to assess which machine has the most rewarding odd percentages compared with other video pokers available in the industry today. Players can't do this in-depth comparison with slot machine games nowadays.

Both machines offer their players with paytables which detail the possible winning combinations they may complete, as well as its corresponding payout values. But as mentioned, video poker players should complete different poker hands which reward varying payouts depending on their value in the detailed poker hand rankings. Video poker paytables also show the odd percentages of each poker hand.

Double Bonus Poker Gameplay

Similar with any other video poker machines in the industry, players are dealt with five random cards to start the game. They can discard all to none of their cards which they think won't complete any combination, which will then be replaced by the virtual game dealer. It is important that players decide on this with utmost consideration on the possible combinations they can make with their starting hands.

Most video poker players today, both amateurs and experienced ones, make this mistake of discarding essential playing cards even though they already have the best cards in hand from the initial draw. They should always consider that most video poker variants like Double Bonus Poker offer huge winning percentages while allowing its players to decrease the house edge. This gives them an edge on having the best card combinations while playing with optimal strategies and gameplay.

In terms of its paytable, Double Bonus Poker offers different payouts for various poker hands. These include the following combinations:

- Royal flush with 800 to 1

- Four aces with 160 to 1

- Four deuces, 3s, or 4s with 80 to 1

- Straight flush with 50 to 1

- Other four of a kind combinations with 50 to 1

- Full house with 10 to 1

- Flush with 7 to 1

- Straight with 5 to 1

- Three of a kind with 3 to 1

- Two pairs with 1 to 1

- Pairs of jacks and higher with 1 to 1

Any combination less than jacks or higher will not reward anything. As mentioned, the four of a kind combinations pay rewards here in Double Bonus compared with any other video poker variants.

Winning Strategies in Double Bonus Poker

Winning in this game is more than just having the best poker hand. Players should play with the best Double Bonus Poker strategy to maximize their wagers on getting the most rewarding card combination. This strategy involves better understanding on the various hand rankings of these combinations, as well as identifying the best and worst hands to complete. They should also consider some of the recommended hands to keep if they are drawn with a specific set of cards. These can be found in various strategy charts available online which beginners and experienced players can consider before the discard some of their starting cards.

Players can also play this poker game in different online gaming platforms offering free with no registration required Double Bonus Poker games. They can try these different winning strategies and get to familiarize themselves with the best gameplay to consider while playing this game. However, players shouldn't expect to get rewarded with real money since they didn't place real wager amounts to play in these free games. They just get to enjoy the game and train themselves on winning big in Double Bonus Video Poker.