Playing Joker Poker Video Poker

Created by the renowned and reputable Microgaming Software Provider, comes a traditional yet very interesting video poker variant that will surely prove to be worth your time to play, the Joker Poker. This variant of the game has a joker as its wild card which makes it more unique and interesting compared to other poker games at A wild card is a symbol within this type of game which can be converted to other symbols that will enable you to receive the best hand possible in the situation. This game has a staggering jackpot prize of about 5000 coins which you can take a hold of not necessarily when you get five wild cards rather, you can get it by obtaining a 'Royal Flush', which is kind of cool and unique.

The Joker Poker also have features that will surely help you achieve the maximum satisfaction for your gaming experience. This includes features like the common control over the music of the game where you can mute it for your convenience if you can't concentrate with the sound; there's also the choice which will allow you to speed up the game if you think that it's too slow for you; you are also allowed to gain access about tips and best moves that you may do next, which will definitely affect your gaming strategy and many more.

The game uses a standard deck with 52 cards along with the extra joker card which makes it 53 cards in total. Interestingly, you'll have a unique order of cards in your deck since reshuffling is done after a game is finished. The interface of the game is also intuitive and easy-to-use making it less of a hassle and more fun to play. The controls are also easy to learn like the + and - which can be used to increase or decrease your bets respectively. There are also other betting options like the Bet Max, which as the name suggests, means that you'll be placing the max bet while there's also the Bet One which means that you'll be placing a bet which is a unit times more than your original bet. You then press the Deal button once you've decided to get the game going.

You will also be allowed to change the difficulty of the game at US poker sites and even let it play on auto-play mode which will make your move be based on the best possible mathematical perspective. There are also other features that will help you win more like the Doubling and finally you'll be able to triumph the game once you've get a hold of a royal flush but without the help of the joker or the wild card.